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Pedigree Renovations was contacted by a client in mid-2016 who had purchased a four-bedroom Quinta property in Malhão near Algoz who wanted to renovate the property keeping all of the original features, but modernising the property with new plumbing, electrics, home automation, WiFi, a swimming pool and full landscaping. Other than keeping the property traditional in look, the other stipulation from the client was to integrate the latest technology, but hidden as much as possible from sight.


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When the client handed the property over to Pedigree Renovations, the original owners had shoe-horned four bedrooms into what was originally a one-bedroom property.


Design and Demolition.... The first part of the project was to design the inside of the property, removing walls added by the previous owner for the three additional bedrooms and revert the property back to its original layout. This involved demolishing the kitchen, one toilet, three bathrooms, a wooden construction in the main hallway, a wooden mezzanine level in one of the rear rooms and moving the front door to the original position. It was decided by the client to utilise the flat roof area as a terrace and to create access to the terrace, a reclaimed steel spiral staircase was secured from a derelict property in the north of Portugal, repaired and fitted into the property. A mezzanine bridge was created in the same style as the staircase to allow access from the spiral to the terrace door.

Reinforcement.... The removal of certain inside walls was easy as these were additional to the original walls of the Quinta, however this meant there was a need to insert steel girders for ceiling and structural support and to bring the construction up to building code.

Plumbing.... New plumbing including the addition of plumbing manifolds into the kitchen and bathroom were added to bring the services to code. Separate electric water boilers were added - one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen.

Electrics.... Electrics were renewed throughout the property, moving the incoming supply and meter from inside the Quinta to the gate area and upgrading the electricity supply from mono-phase to 3-phase ensuring sufficient power for the property, a swimming poolirrigationelectric water heaters and a Jacuzzi.

All electrical sockets were replaced with traditional looking yet modern functioning versions and all light switches were replaced in the same style as the sockets, but the workings were replaced with home automation triggers so all lights could be controlled by a console, iPad or the light switch and be fully programmed according to the clients requirements installed by our in-house division, Pedigree Home Automation.

The Ceilings.... The ceilings in the lounge and dining room were constructed in cathedral style plaster by hand to give depth and sound balance to the rooms. The entrance hallway which originally ran from the front door to the rear door, were barrel vaulted in the ceiling. The remaining ceilings in the property were removed to reveal original Eucalyptus wood ceilings with Bamboo insets. All of the wood was treated with insecticide and polished for longevity and to bring out the grain and originality.

The Floors.... All floors throughout the property were levelled and tiled using locally sourced Stª Catarina furnace cured clay tiles, with Moleanos tiles inlaid for design with the exception of the bathroom which was tiled using ceramic and Travertine floor tiles. All rooms were finished using different styles to delineate one from the other. Locally sourced antique tiles were sourced for effect in some locations, whilst the entrance hallway floor was hand crafted using the same Stª Catarina tiles used throughout the rest of the property.

The Walls.... All walls throughout the property were hand-finished in a rough render effect to emulate the original style of plastering walls when the property was originally built. This style adds character to the walls and creates shadows and depth.

Inside Lighting.... The inside lighting is a mix of modern and classic with touches of Moroccan influences. A Chandelier is the centre point of the dining room whilst LED bar lights, illuminate the kitchen, the bedroom and the underside of the spiral staircase. An illuminated wooden ceiling fan is the centre point in the bedroom with pin-lights hidden in the step activated by a sensor for night-time low-level lighting. The bathroom is an array of clever lighting with colour mood-changing LED's in the corner, under-counter low level lighting and modern inset spot lights in the ceiling.

Technology.... WiFi was paramount in the brief from the client with the necessity for all rooms to have strong network and internet. This was performed by our in-house networking division Pedigree Networking. IPTV from our in-house audio / visual division Projection Dreams was added to a state-of-the-art mirror television mounted on a custom chimney breast, housing hidden speakers delivering incredible sound. A media centre stores the clients film, photo and music collection which can be played on any device connected to the secure internal network. Music is delivered through hidden speakers and 50's style American diner speakers in the kitchen via the latest HEOS systems by Denon.

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